Re-established in August, 2002

This organization was re-created in 2002 (a previous version of ATR was organized in 1985) by the original founders of American Technical Resources, Inc (ATR). After several acquisitions, we've decided that the interest of all can best be served if we go back to doing it our way, which is to focus on the long term relationships formed by putting people with talents in positions to shine.  

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Our approach to supporting our clients has been affectionately named the ATR Edge. To learn more about the ATR Edge, and the services/solutions we provide to client organizations, select the Client Info navigation bar.


We serve as Staffing Agents, primarily focused on the Technology sector. Our preference is to contract with skilled individuals for a specified period. We put people in a position to be successful. If you're interested in learning more, select the Candidate Info navigation bar.

Long-term and full-time opportunities are also available. To view our current openings, select the Active Jobs navigation bar .


Working with ATR will be one of the best experiences of your life. Focus on what you love to do and we'll handle the rest. The bottom line is be happy. The happier you are, the more productive and fulfilled you'll be. Our philosophy is simple. If you're doing what you love to do, we'll make sure the people around you appreciate your contributions.

For details on how to get involved, call Ralph or Charles at

301-654-0003, or send us an email to

For directions to our office, press HERE