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Job Description:

Secret Clearance Required
Fully Funded, Immediate Fill

Manages the functionality and efficiency of a group of computers running on one or more operating systems.

1. Manages the functionality and efficiency of a group of computers running on one or more operating systems.
2. Maintains the integrity and security of servers and systems.
3. Sets up administrator and service accounts.
4. Maintains system documentation
5. Interacts with users and evaluates vendor products.
6. Makes recommendations to purchase hardware and software; coordinates installation and provides backup recovery.
7. Develops and monitors policies and standards for allocation related to the use of computing resources.
8. May program in an administrative language.
9. Develops and implements testing strategies and document results.
10. Provides advice and training to end-users.
11. Maintains current knowledge of relevant technologies as assigned.
12. Participates in special projects as required.


2-5 years of directly related experience in systems administration and analysis.


2-5 years of directly related experience in systems administration and analysis.

- Coordinates the installation and maintenance of security patches; third party vendor software and hardware; maintenance and support; disk space management; backups and file restoration.
- Maintains availability of assigned services .

- Analyzes system problems and recommend solutions.
- Provides effective communication at all levels of management; peers and customers through clarity of expression and the ability to organize thoughts both written and oral .
- Coordinates production support to include proprietary vendor monthly maintenance; providing system access to the appropriate vendor staff and monitoring the progress of the maintenance.
- Coordinates and performs the restoration of files and troubleshooting of problems by interacting with information technology staff/vendors.
- Ensures that the systems are operationally available 24x7x365 .
- Formulates/defines system scope and objectives.
- Devises or modifies procedures to solve complex problems considering computer equipment capacity and limitations; operating time; and form of desired results.
- Prepares detailed specifications for programs.
- Assists in the design; development; testing; implementation; and documentation of new software and enhancements of existing applications.
- Works with project managers; developers; and end users to ensure application designs meet business requirements.
- Formulates/defines specifications for complex operating software programming applications or modifies/maintains complex existing applications using engineering releases and utilities from the manufacturer.
- Designs; codes; tests; debug; and document those programs.
- Provides overall operating system support; such as sophisticated file maintenance routines; large telecommunications networks; computer accounting; and advanced mathematical/scientific software packages.
- Assists all phases of software systems programming applications.
- Evaluates new and existing software products.
- Performs proactive systems monitoring and tuning on test; production and disaster recovery environments. - Coordinates and serves as the primary point on contact for certification and accreditation processes regarding the enterprise hardware environments; maintaining required artifacts.
- Manages accounts and access to systems and equipment.
- Manages systems resources including performance; capacity; availability; serviceability; and recoverability. - Implements security procedures and tools.
- Develops and document systems administration standard operating procedures.
- Resolves hardware/software interface and interoperability problems.
- Ensures systems availability; functionality; integrity; and efficiency.
- Maintains systems configuration.
- Manages the installation and integration of systems fixes; updates; and enhancements.
- Ensures the rigorous application of information security and information assurance policies; principles; and practices in the delivery of systems administration services.
- Maintains configuration documentation of systems and equipment.
- Updates disaster recovery documentation.
- Maintains; monitors; and implements performance tuning (Balancing the load on the servers).
- Data backup and recovery.
- Maintains the environment of computer data center(s) (temperature; humidity; cleanliness; etc.).
- Monitors and analyze audit logs; report any irregularities.
- Monitors server disk storage (by user and by program) including temporary storage requirements (print queues; etc.).
- Archives and deletes unneeded files.
- Recovers disk space from deleted users.
- Maintains structure of rights for accounts and groups.
- Performs system back-up functions on a daily; weekly and monthly basis as required.
- Maintains the functionality of UNIX servers.
- Implements updates on server hardware and software.
- Managing server configuration.
- Monitors and manages the use of disk space; memory; and connections.
- Manages accounts and permissions for Linux; VMware; and UNIX servers.
- Performs server backups and restores.
- Diagnoses system problems.
- Monitors server performance and performing tuning enhancements.
- Troubleshoots and fixes hardware or software problems.
- Manages server event logs.
- Deploys IAVAs; patches; and updates and configuration changes to Operating System; web servers; applications servers; and approved application software; then remediates any issues with assets to ensure the updates have been consummated in the DCOE and datacenter.

Job ID 8467
Job Title Systems Administrator, Assoc.
Job Location Fort Lee, VA
Contract Pay Rate 30.00 - 33.00
Annual Pay Rate -
# Required 1
Apply To MMA@atr.com

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V


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