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Job Description:


Job Description:
The Copywriter/Editor shall perform general review, editing and copywriting services in support of the
Clientís 2016-2017 Marketing team as needed. This may include, but is not limited to:
o Review, editing and copywriting of marketing materials such as Case Studies and Success Stories to ensure they conform to Energy Trust expectations with regards to language style, key messaging, and target audience per Energy Trustís Brand Guidelines.
o Edited materials will be submitted to the client with final review and approval from both the client's Program Management and Marketing Staff and Energy Trust Program Management and Corporate Communications teams.

Our client would like to provide copywriting and editing services to their client, the Energy Trust of Oregon ( Energy Trust) for their Multifamily Program. The Multifamily Program offers cash incentives/rebates to residential and business customers to make energy efficiency upgrades possible. As the Program Management Contractor, our client develops and manages the Multifamily Program. The Copywriter/Editor will assist staff by providing editing and copywriting services to assist with revising marketing materials to be submitted to Energy Trust for review.

The Copywriter/Editor shall be at the overall direction of our clientís Program Manager or his/her designee. The Copywriter/Editor will be provided the end clientís brand guidelines for reference and incorporation in the final written document when necessary. Technical direction shall be provided by a designated lead or our clientís Marketing Specialist. Technical direction means direction that clarifies, interprets, allocates tasks and hours within the funding limitation, and/or specifies technical requirements within the scope of this SOW. The Copywriter/Editor shall, to the extent practical, mange tasks within these established allocations. Questions or conflicts with technical tasking shall be directed to our client's Program Manager or his/her designee.

The Copywriter/Editor shall support meetings as required by our client to discuss technical and/or schedule issues relative to this work effort.

The period of performance of this effort shall begin 08/01/2016 through 12/31/2016 with options exercisable in full or in part at our client's discretion through 2017.

This position is primarily virtual, but because some meetings will occur at the client site in Portland, OR then they would prefer someone that's within a reasonable proximity to the client site.

The position is as needed, so nothing consistent (part time or full time) is anticipated.

Job ID 8565
Job Title Copywriter/Editor-Virtual
Job Location Portland, OR
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An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V


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