The ATR Edge provides a competitive advantage to clients by providing increased staffing and recruiting power. Arena Technical Resources (ATR) is a small business that provides information technology staffing services. For the past 25 years, ATR's principals have provided contract consulting and staffing services for hardware and software systems development. ATR offers a broad base of consulting expertise, from legacy systems to leading edge technologies. ATR is capable of solving the most diverse technical problems. ATR's strength lies in its ability and commitment to deliver qualified technical professionals in a timely and efficient manner. The ATR Edge empowers clients with the following:


o The principals at ATR are composed of the former partners and principal staff of American Technical Resources, Inc. These individuals grew the business to be the largest IT Staffing company in the Washington Metropolitan Area. In 2002, following a series of acquisitions and changes to business practices, we decided to regain control and go back to what we did best...Supporting our clients with the best possible people at an affordable rate.

o ATR is capable of responding quickly and effectively to large scale requirements or unique and difficult to find skill sets. We work closely with client management to ensure timely and accurate response to client needs.


o Clients are supported by a proprietary, highly sophisticated, and state-of-the art database system. This system stores and retrieves the credentials, resumes, and historical activities (conversations, references, and feedback from previous clients) of local and national technical professionals.


o We utilize a combination of in-house recruiters, and a contingent of remote recruiters to satisfy customer needs. Our model emphasizes quality and results, but minimizes unnecessary overhead costs. These savings are reflected in the rates we can offer to clients.


o ATR's organizational structure is yet another reflection of its commitment to a customer focused philosophy. The team concept consists of knowledgeable sales people and recruiters, working together, with a single goal--- understanding and meeting specific client needs.

o ATR believes the team concept is a key aspect of the ATR Edge, that gives its clients the competitive advantage in intensive staffing situations.

Cost Control

o ATR prices all of its services competitively to ensure its clients a competitive edge in the market place, while augmenting their resources and capabilities through an ATR partnership. ATR guarantees its services and stands behind each one of its consultants.

o Clients pay only for hours actually worked, and have complete control through the execution of weekly time cards. If not satisfied with a consultants work, the client will not be charged. Consulting and contracting services may be terminated with little or no notice providing enhanced flexibility and control of weekly payroll.

Quality Assurance

o ATR's quality assurance begins with intensive training, awareness programs, and adherence to published quality standards.

o ATR maintains strict recruiting guidelines that ensures the accurate identification, screening and processing of all applicants.


Sounds great so far?

Here are our service OPTIONS/SOLUTIONS

ATR offers a variety of staffing solutions to ensure our clients' maximum flexibility and pinpoint accuracy respective to their technical staffing needs.

Contracting/Flexible Staffing Services

o Technical professionals have diverse and specific skill sets to include; client server technology, object oriented design, network design and administration, and user support.

o ATR consultants are available for short and long term contracts and assignments. These contractors are typically provided on a time and materials or hourly basis.

o ATR also provides project teams often headed by Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to perform special project or fixed price work.


o ATR can become your clearinghouse for staffing needs by utilizing their expertise to promote and manage technical staffing requirements to area agencies.

o Advantages include consolidated billing and minimum vendor disruption to hiring managers, while maintaining the coverage required to fill staffing requirements.

Permanent Placement

o ATR provides permanent placement options for established clients, on both a retainer and contingent fee basis.

Temp to Perm or Contingent Hire

o One of the more popular approaches used to improve the internal staffing process, has been the "temp to perm" or contingent hire methodology. Under this model, ATR, in concert with client management, would identify, screen, and provide candidates that may, at the clients option, become a permanent employee of the client.

o Initially these candidates would perform services for the client as ATR employees. During an initial trial period the client has the opportunity to make a thorough evaluation of the employee's demonstrated value to the organization prior to making a full time employment commitment.

o Upon the successful completion of a trial term (typically 6 months), the employee at the client's sole discretion, would convert to the clients payroll as a permanent employee of the client. This "try and buy" approach maximizes the clients' ability to make a hiring decision, in a timely manner, while minimizing the risks associated with direct employment.

On-Site Recruiting Services

o This staffing solution has been developed by ATR to accommodate the client's growth due to intensive staffing situations, such as the award of a large government or commercial contract, or to increase diminished recruiting capabilities due to corporate down sizing.

o The ATR dedicated team approach is designed to streamline the hiring process while giving the client more control, thereby increasing efficiency.. The ATR team will utilize its corporate database and resources to augment the clients to thoroughly qualify and screen job candidates against specific requirements.


Take action to make things happen!

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