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Job Description:

LAMP Technical Lead

Must have:
3+ years managing tasks for 1 or more developers
5+ years managing a relationship with clients – leading work, troubleshooting, pitching work
5+ years of experience developing with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript
2+ years of professional Drupal 7 development experience.
• 2+ years of working experience with PHP. Less if you can demonstrate competency with personal examples.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of OO and Procedural PHP.
• Experience in using and configuring common modules, like Views, CTools, Display Suite.
• Nice to have knowledge of working with Panels and Paragraphs.
Experience in maintenance and administration of Drupal sites.
• Use Git from CLI or GUI.
Experience running a LAMP stack locally using any method
2+ years writing or contributing to proposals

Nice to Have:
• Experience in maintaining custom Drupal modules and themes. More importantly, when to develop custom versus using other coding methods. This would include things like adjusting PHP variables, adding control structures, and modifying the render array on pre-existing codebases.
• Experience with MySQL. Hands-on experience with MySQL.
• Experience working with multilingual Drupal sites using i18n.
• Interest or examples of work -- personal or professional -- with AngularJS and Handlebars/Mustache.
• Experience coding custom Drupal modules.
• Experience working with headless Drupal
• Experience using Drupal hooks and APIs.
• Experience with Drush
• Experience with AngularJS
• Experience with Continuous Integration
• Experience with data migrations in Drupal. This could include using Feeds, Node Export, Views JSON, Migrate, and a custom module.
• Experience managing Drupal websites with 1,000+ nodes and 100+ modules.
Example situations you will find yourself responsible for:
• We made a mistake and client needs to be briefed on what happened and why without any spin.
• The client brings you a request, understand why the change needs to be made and determine whether this is an opportunity to pitch a new project that solves the underlying problem more effectively.
• Define a product which will stretch the developers, use new technology, and advance the agency's communication goals and potential outreach
• Present web analytics and interpretation to justify new products and evaluate performance of existing products
• A developer is upset their product or project has been modified in a way counter to the original goal due to new requirements. Listen, support, and explain the situation to the developer in a constructive and empathetic way.
• A developer needs help defining their professional development goals.
• Present a development concept to a client in a clear and engaging way without being condescending.

Example situations you might find yourself needing to personally resolve:
• Build an OO PHP class to interpret a JSON feed provided by a contextual View. The resulting PHP object will be passed through a curly brace rendering engine.
• Using an existing codebase of jQuery code, we want to refactor it to use JavaScript instead to remove dependencies and improve CPU load.
• We're getting a Drupal whitescreen error, work with the team to determine and resolve the cause.
• Resolve a merge conflict using without using an external tool like kdiff.
• Explain to a team member why building a taxonomy list which also shows entity counts assigned to each of those terms could be a performance problem.
• Perform a code review of a diff view on github and provide feedback on the pull request.

Job ID 8439
Job Title LAMP Technical Lead
Job Location Rockville, MD
Contract Pay Rate 80000.00 - 100000.00
Annual Pay Rate -
# Required 1
Apply To BDP@atr.com

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V


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